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Skilled Boat and Motor Home Repair

Did you know that Angola Collision doesn’t just repair cars, trucks, and other vehicles? We have the capability to repair boats, jet skis, and even motor homes as well! The repair process for boats and motor homes is actually very similar to repairing a vehicle and our trained and certified technicians are guaranteed to get the job done.

A major advantage that we have at Angola Collision is that our Angola facilities and overhead doors are large enough to fit most large boats and motor homes. Have a boat that is stored on a trailer? We even have a forklift available to easily move your boat into our facility. Whether you are in need a boat hull repair or if you recently had a fender bender with your motor home, Angola Collision has everything you need to get your motor home or boat running and in tiptop condition.

Mechanic checking the engine

Boat Hull Repair

Damage to your boat’s hull most likely needs professional repair and services. At Angola Collision, we are able to provide you with boat repair services, including boat hull repair. With our large facilities in Angola, we are able to transport and store your boat in our location, while we work on its repairs.

When performing a boat hull repair, our expert team may do the following:

  • Remove the damaged section: Using a circular cut, out expert technicians will remove the area of the hull that is damaged. From here, we will refinish the area and possibly carry out the repairs from inside the boat so that less finishing work will have to be done on the hull.
  • Remove the wax: Before we begin to work on the damaged area, we will remove any mold or wax found outside of the hole. We use a special wax-removing solvent for this step.
  • Prepare the surface: To provide a stronger bond for the repair to adhere to, we may sand down the surface in preparation for the repairs. Paste wax is then applied to the area, as well as a backing area to the hull.
  • Repair the hull: Using our tools and kits, we will then repair the hull and refinish the surface, leaving the hull looking brand-new.
Truck moving on road

Fender Bender Repair

Involved in a fender bender with your motor home? Angola Collision has expert services to repair your motor home and have it running in no time. Allow our expert team to help you with not only the repairs, but also your insurance claims. To find out more about our insurance liaison services, please click here. Our skilled technicians are here to provide your motor home with expert repair services including dent repair, paint services, and more.

At Angola Collision, We Offer Pickup, Delivery, and Free Online Estimates