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Get Started Today

Choosing the right company for your service is easy when you turn to us. Getting a free estimate from Angola Collision is the first step in getting your vehicle repaired. We can help you determine the right course of action. Our trained estimators, repair planners, and repair experts are ready to work with you. Fill out the form below to get started!

Rental Car Assistance

If your insurance policy doesn’t cover a rental car, don’t worry! When you choose Angola Collision, you get a better level of service. We’ve partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to provide an extra level of service by providing Enterprise with an office right in our building for one stop repair and rental. We’ll handle the reservation for you when you drop off your own vehicle.

Even if you don’t need or want the rental car service, our shop can give you a lift to work on the day you drop the car and a pickup when it’s done. If you prefer that one of our technicians personally picks up and delivers the car to your home or office, we can arrange for that, too. It’s all part of how our commitment to customer service makes your life as easy as possible.

At Angola Collision, We Offer Pickup, Delivery, and Free Online Estimates